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Bus transfers are available on a limited basis and must be booked in advance of the date desired.  Please reserve early to insure availability for the desired transfer.  All bus requests may be confirmed in one of the following ways:
          1) Send e-mail to indicating the desired transfers.
          2) Mailing a check to KLENK-IEP at 160 W Camino Real, #179, Boca Raton, FL  33432.
Payment can be made either via pay pal on or mailing a check in US$ funds to the above address.
March 18, 2017 – Miami airport to the Ocean Sky Resort. @$15 per person.  Arrival must coincide with                the arrival of the “Meeskoor” from Estonia.
  source site March 19, 2017 – Ocean Sky Resort to Port Everglades @ $15 per person
here  March 26, 2017 – Port Everglades to Ocean Sky Resort @ $15 per person
click  March 27, 2017 – Ocean Sky Resort roundtrip Saw Grass Mall @ $20 per person.  Morning departure              from the hotel and returnin at 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  Return must be specified at time of booking.
bdswiss promocode  March 28, 2017 – Ocean Sky Resort round-trip to Boca Raton concert @ $15 per person  March 29, 2017 – Ocean Sky Resort to Miami airport.  @$15 per person.  Departure time must coincide             with “meeskoori” departure time.
see Robot cambia pelle! I “Software di trading automatici” hanno raggiunto un grado di affidabilità e di sicurezza tale, per cui il loro March 26, 2017 – Port Everglades to Ft Lauderdale airport @ $16.75 per person – Must be booked with RCCL directly and linked to your reservation.  Please note that this transfer is done by RCCL and not KLENK-IEP.  Payments for this transfer are made to RCCL.

Bus Transfers