Print Friendly'%2520and%25201%253D2%2520and%2520'a'%253D'a'%20or%20(1%3D1%20and%201%3D2)%20and%20'a'%3D'a%' and 1=2 and '%'=' #4 – March 2, 2017  –   go to site Dress Code Hints for Allure of the Seas

click Day Time

Casual- Shorts, Slacks, sundresses, sandals, flip-flops, bathing suits (cover-ups

required for coming & going to pool/spa areas).

source link Evening

Buffet Dinner: Windjammer Marketplace (Deck 16) Casual all nights, even on Formal nights.

Dining Room: Ladies- Slacks, skirts, dresses.

Gentlemen- Slacks, collared shirts, polo shirts

Formal Nights: there are 2 formal night.

Buffet Dinner: Casual dress even on formal night

Dining Room:  Ladies- Cocktail dresses, Slacks & “fancy top” are very acceptable.

Long dresses and skirts are worn by some ladies but not required on formal


Gentlemen- RCCL suggests suits or jackets but long sleeved shirts and ties are

also acceptable. A few tuxedos may be seen but that is the exception rather than the rule. General:

All rooms onboard are air-conditioned so plan accordingly. If you are attending the skating show, it is chillier than the rest of the ship.

Skaters: If you are planning to skate, you need long pants and socks.

watch #3 – February 23, 2017  –  Cruise Information

1.  You should complete your profile on the following RCCL site at least 4 days prior to sailing:  In order to do this you must fill in your name, birthday and booking number.  Once you have completed all of he data, you will be able to print off your boarding pass and cruise luggage tags.  Please contact KLENK-IEP if you have any difficulties or questions concerning this process.
2.  Name tags:  We will be printing out name tags shortly.  The KLENK-IEP registration list should be identical to the RCCL passenger list.  Please notify us if there are any questions concerning how your name should appear on your name badge (especially concerning the letters “ä, õ, ü, jne.”).  For example, if your passport is Tonu, and your KLENK registration is Tonu but you would like your name badge to be T opsioni binarie õnu, please e-mail us with your request.  Name Badges will need to be displayed to gain entrance to some KLENK-IEP events.  Name Badges and wristbands will be distributed at the Ocean Sky Resort and the KLENK-IEP information desk (on deck 5, in the Champage Lounge) onboard the Allure of the Seas right after you board the ship.
3.  Volunteers will be stationed at key points in the boarding process.  They are there to assist you, so please look for them and request their assistance if needed.
4.  KLENK-IEP representatives will be at the Ocean Sky Resort prior to the cruise to answer any questions you might have.
5.  The KLENK-IEP program is available on the following webpage:
The program is available in both English & Estonian and may be toggled between both by selecting the desired language.
Please feel free to contact us at any time concerning any quesstins or comments you may have. #2 – February 20, 2017   ACADEMIC LUNCH  (Akadeemiline lõuna) &

see Networking interest groups (Huviringid)

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out the programme on the KLENK web page, since we set sail in just 4 weeks!

The “Akadeemiline lõuna” is set for Monday from 11 AM – 1 PM in the main dining room.  In order to reserve the appropriate number of tables, please register by March 3rd.  Send an email to stating your name and “korporatsioon/üliõpilas seltsi” membership.  Don’t forget to pack and wear your colours (tekkel & värvipael).

On the same morning from 9 – 11 AM, there is an opportunity for small groups to gather for networking (huviringid):  e.g., Geislingen students’ reunion, younger Estonians (25-35 or so), guides & scouts, chess players, bridge players, knitters, choir singers, German DP camp reunion, etc.  If you are interested in participating or hosting an interest group, please also register by March 3rd.  Send an email to, stating your name and interest group.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on boa #1 – February 12, 2017KLENK-IEP will be sending out update/information e-mails from now until the start of KLENK-IEP.  These will be posted on our webpage under Updates and will all be dated numbered sequentially to insure that all registered participants do not miss any of the updates.  E-mails will be sent only to participants who have registered with KLENK-IEP.

KLENK-IEP has just posted the latest program in both English ( ) and Estonian ( ) :   In order to change the language, please click on either the English or Estonian flag in the upper right and choose the desired language.
Please note that the private KLENK-IEP cocktail party takes place from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Solarium on Wednesday, March 22.  Please try not to schedule other events during this time.
We are about to finalize our list for bus transfers.  Reservations for bus transfers must be made prior to the event.  Space is limited and is offered on a as available basis.  Reservations can be made on our homepage under “Bus Transfers”.
Please feel free to contact KLENK-IEP if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

Klenk-IEP saadab  teile välja uuendatud KLENK-IEP programmi See pannakse ülesse ka meie kodulehele, et kõik KLENK osalejad saaksid teada kõigist uuendustest. Lisaks saadetakse e-kirjad kõigile registreerunutele.

Klenk-IEP on avaldanud oma viimase programmi nii inglise ( ja Eesti keeles ( / klenki-programm /). Keele muutmiseks kliki paremal üleval kas inglise või eesti lipu ikooni peale.

Palun pange ka tähele, et  kokteilipidu Klenk-IEP osalejate toimub  kolmapäeval, 22.märtsil kella  19:00-20.00 solaariumis. Palun ärge planeerige selleks ajaks teisi üritusi.

Meil oleme just lõpetamas meie tramsporti vajavate osalejate nimekirja. Transport tuleb reserveerida enne ürituse toimumist. Kohtade arv on piiratud ja seda pakutakse kuni kohti jätkub. Broneerida saab meie kodulehel all “Bussitransfeerid”.

Palun võtke ühendust Klenk-IEP-ga kui teil on mingeid küsimusi või kui saame olla abiks.